"I am a past recipient of 2 Sex Magick workshops and I count that experience as one of the hallmarks in my life that defines me.
It was a very powerful and extremely valuable addition to what makes me the kind of human being I am."


"I discovered that Sex Magick really worked for me.  (At the next gathering) my dance card was full, having 2 or 3 beautiful encounters a day for 5 days."


"By the end, I felt such a sense of connection and belonging that transcended the lonely, rejected and scared boy on the kindergarden playground."

"It was nothing that I expected and has facilitated my transformation in a "radical" way."

"The experience of Sex Magick was a tough one for me, and it humbled me.  I'm tempted to participate again."


"I don't think I ever felt quite so loved as I did Friday morning."