Sex Magick:
Transcending the Boundaries of Intimacy

Help with a Donation

Sex Magick has always been, more or less, a labor of love by the facilitators.  With the sometime exception of the cooks, we are all volunteers.  The workshop is held in locations where out costs are limited and, to the greatest extent possible, benefit a Faerie sanctuary in some way. 


Sex Magick is growing with more Faeries and other similar minded folks finding their way into the workshop.  We are hosting the workshop in more places around the world.  With the far flung locations, travel costs have gone up significantly. 

We would love to have the help of generous alums from the workshop and others who just like and support what we are doing. 


We recently entered into an agreement with Nomenus, the non-profit organization that owns and runs Wolf Creek Faerie Sanctuary.  With this "fiscal sponsorship" agreement, we can now accept tax deductable donations (for US taxpayers).


Please consider making a recurring or one-time donation to the Circle of Loving Companions.  All funds received will be used to help have more workshops as well as allow more to participate even when they don't have the money. 


Online donations can be made using the link below.  (We use WePay, an alternative to PayPal that does not require you to sign up.)


Or mail your check made payable to: Circle of Loving Companions
174 1/2 Hartford Street, San Francisco, CA  94114


Thank you!


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