Sex Magick:
Exploring the Boundaries of Intimacy



About the organizers.


These Sex Magick veterans have committed to continuing the work started by Harry Hay in the 1980s.

The workshop will be, in large part, driven by the participants. It will follow the long Faerie Circle tradition with each member having equal rights and responsibilities of participation. The facilitators will provide guidelines and a roadmap to “sacred space" and a foundation of emotional and spiritual support for the workshop.

 Chas one of the facilitators

So far, Kitton LiquidSkin is a survivor. He is a prolific knitter, fiber artist, and Radical Faerie exploring community in Portland, OR. 

Pansy Wyldfyre is a Queer Witch and Radical Faerie currently residing in Ellensburg, WA. For two decades, he has spread his magic across the Pacific Northwest as an activist, performer and priestess. After nearly 20 years working in non-profit management he is back in school studying to become a special education teacher. Faerie Sex Magic has been a major catalyst for growth in his life and he's pleased as punch to be able to try his hand at facilitation.

Rosie Delicious first attended Sex Magick in 1996, a workshop that changed his life AND his faerie name (he used to be called Rosebud - but, as he reports, "Rosebud bloomed!").  Rosie is an artist, sex shaman and writer.  Rosie has been active in the faerie community since 1990 creating sex/heart circles, writing and editing for RFD, as well as co-facilitating these workshops since 2000.

Currently, Rosie is developing a new lifestyle as an itinerant fey, as well as a new website to track his work in the world.  You can also see his work on eggshells @

Chas, a long time Faerie, workshop leader & participant. He's led many groups for Gay and bisexual men in Los Angeles during the 80s and 90s. He has been a key organizer of West Coast Radical Faerie gatherings from 1983 and helped organize the first Radical Faerie Gatherings in Asia. Since 2002 he has helped facilitate the SM workshops and passionately supports the gifts these workshops bestow.

Chas one of the facilitators

Ethica is a Radical Faerie, social worker and gay man's health educator living in British Columbia, Canada.

Robin Hood is an HIV Wellness Educator, Teacher, Healer and Faerie Leader from British Columbia, Canada. 


Keystone was, in 1997, "a faerie waiting to happen."  His time as a faerie has been a non-stop journey of brotherhood, sexual discovery and healing, and ridiculous amounts of fun and drama.  He first participated in Sex Magick in 2005, returning as often as possible, as a participant, cook and, more recently, a facilitator.  

Keystone used the fortitude and fierceness that he uncovered as a faerie to stage an impromptu nude protest of the TSA at Portland International Airport. Learn more at Naked American Hero.  He's also a long-distance backpacker and drag clown.

Morgain Lessloss, was discovered by the Radical Faeries in 1995 (when he thought he was training for ordination in a Canadian Christian tradition).  The Faeries gave words to what Morgain always knew in his soul--that sexuality and spirituality can not be separated and that attempting to do so is violence to the human psyche.     Meeting the Faeries led Morgain to: leave the Christian tradition; live into pre-Christian Celtic spirituality and the Wiccan tradition; become a high-priestess of the Goddess Ravenna Ravine; become an ethical slut; and spend 14 years studying with a First Nation’s Elder (leading sweat lodge and pipe ceremonies for 10 of those years).  In 2009/2010, Morgain once again acknowledged his calling to ordered life, but this time in a queer context, and took vows to become a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence and founded the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (where he is known as Sr. Merry Q. Contrary).  Keystone
 Keystone Mushroom is a Radical Eurofaerie frolicking between his home in Brighton England, and the Eurofaerie Sanctuary in Folleterre, France. He was blown away by the trans-formative power of the first Faerie Sex Magick workshop held at Folleterre and has since committed, as best he can, to helping the culture of Loving Companionship to take root in Europe. He has spent much of his adult life in a career which ultimately taught him to listen to others' stories with patience and compassion. Although he loves to cut down trees he has been known to wear high heels too!
Coconuts lives in London, (UK).  He is a nice chap, he has been a heart circle junkie since the first time he encountered heart circles at Folleterre faerie Sanctuary (France).  In his own words 'Faerie Sex Magick has been a life changing process for me, I have gained insights about myself and my relationship to sex in these workshops which I just could not have gained anywhere else. Every time I do the process it brings me in deeper relationship with myself and the worlds I inhabit'. Coconuts is a new facilitator on the Sex Magick dream team. 

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