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We are excited to announce four workshops for 2018. But we don't know when or where they will happen!  We do know there is one at Folleterre Faerie Sanctuary in France and likely there will be one at Wolf Creek.  Maybe one at Dos Rios and maybe another at Asheville.  Who knows?  It's all part of the mystery!

Our first in June at Folleterre.  It's a 169 level for first timers and others returning to do the workshop again.  Our next workshop at Wolf Creek will also be a 169.  Our final workshop for the year is planned for September at Dos Rios in California.

There are no second level (269) workshops this year.  We are tentatively planning a special workshop for facilitators in September.

This year's workshops are open to all Faggot-identified men (transmen inclusive).

Each workshop will be seven days long starting on Saturday and ending the following Saturday unless otherwise noted. The dates and locations are as follows:

April(?),  Asheville, North Carolina (169)

July, Wolf Creek, Oregon (169)

9-16 June , Folleterre, France (169)

September,  Dos Rios, California (169)

Please select your preferred workshop in the registration form below.




Robin Hood

Rosie D.




Pansy Wyldfire





Participants are expected to commit to all 7 days of the workshop.

We ask that those interested in participating contact the workshop organizers by email or phone in advance. We would like an opportunity to discuss the workshop intentions in greater detail and do everything possible to ensure this experience is the best possible for all of us. Doing a bit of pre-processing will help make this workshop the wondrous event it will be.

To that end the following questions are designed to provoke some thought and discussion about the theme of this workshop. We also hope to have some momentum built up before the start of the workshop to help the process move forward.

  • What are your personal barriers to intimacy? Family issues? Previous hurts?
  • What works best for you in overcoming those barriers?
  • What patterns in intimate relationships would you like to change, shift or keep?
  • How do your values impact your relationships?
  • How do you quench your hunger for love?
  • How do others perceive you? Approachable? Desirable? Stately? Intimidating?
  • How do you usually respond when the needs of a group are in conflict with your individual needs?
  • What comes up for you when exploring sexual touch in a group setting?   Is there anything, such as past sexual abuse, that would impact your participation in sexual touch experiences?
  • This is a substance free workshop. Will that be okay for you to not use alcohol, marijuana or drugs during our time together and in the time leading up to the workshop?
  • What about the workshop excites you? Raises your anxiety?
  In order to participate we ask you to register using the form below.  One of the facilitators for the workshop you selected will contact you for an informational discussion by phone or video chat.  We welcome your questions and discussion of any possible concerns you might have.  You can contact a facilitator from the list at the right or email us at  

The cost is $550-850US, $650-1000CAD and €250-800 depending on the site (see form below for specifics). Price includes 7 days meals and accommodation, depending on the site.  Tent camping is common.  There may be some indoor spaces for those with special needs or for colder weather workshops. Please contact us for more information.

Please do not send payment at this time. We'll ask for it after we have confirmed your attendance. Confirmation takes place about a week or so after your call with one of the Facilitators.  We would prefer if you could pay in full at that time, but, at a minimum, we ask for 50% down, no later than 30 days in advance of the workshop. Because cancellations are so challenging if they happen close to the workshop, an advance payment helps us to gauge attendance. If you decide after that time to cancel and we have already paid rental fees, food expenses and/or travel expenses for people helping with the workshop, then we may not be able to give you a refund – unless we are able to fill your spot. Finally, we ask for the balance of your payment no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date. 


Pre-registration Information

Faerie Name:  
City:   State/Province: Zip/Postal Code:
Phone,  primary:   Phone, other
Workshop preference: Asheville, North Carolina (169) April
Folleterre, France (169) June 9 - 16
Wolf Creek, Oregon (169) July
Dos Rios, Caliornia (469) September
Fees: For US Workshops $550.00-850.00 USD or $650-1,000 CAD I will be paying in full 2 weeks before the workshop commences..
  For Europe Workshops €250-800 (Euros) Full payment required 2 weeks in advance.
Contribution to help others attend:    
I can't pay the full fee and want to be there. I can afford to pay:
Other info or questions:  

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