Sex Magick:
Exploring the Boundaries of Intimacy

  Core Stuff  

Q. What is it about?
A. This workshop is about intimacy and sex. It might be more about one than the other. It depends on how you participate. It's about your willingness to open up to another person, to trust, to have faith and explore deeper dimensions of yourself and allow others to witness your more authentic self.


Q. Is it like Body Electric™?
A. There are some similarities. We may have guided group exercises that may involve touch and expanding your physical comfort zone. On the other hand, we rely on and encourage the specific group dynamic to help shape the container. It's less instructional and more crafted by our common energy.

Q. How does it work?
A. Through an intensive and concentrated series of processes, predominantly facilitated Heart Circles, we begin to form a container where our authentic selves will emerge. We see it in others and others see it in us. We move together within the container to new levels of intimacy. We explore these new levels of physical and emotional intimacy together.


Q. What will we do?
A. Every day will have time allocated to sitting in a facilitated heart circle and working with the other participants to create a "sacred space" and move towards creating common rituals within that space. There will be free time for shared cooking and cleaning, hikes, swimming, sunning, reading and maybe a little excursion or two.  The focus of the workshop is on the Heart Circle, where we will reveal ourselves to one another.


Q. What is "ritual space?"
A. A little hard to explain, but it's the time when the circle achieves a level of comfort and trust with each other to begin the deeper exploration of intimacy. Wonderful things happen in ritual space.


Q. Is there sex?
A. Yes, no and maybe. We try to create a magical container where sex is one element of the energy exchanged. It may be more sensual than sexual or it may be very hot. It depends on the group. The potential is there.

Q. What if I don't want to have sex or change my mind?
A. We agree to respect individual boundaries. We do ask everyone to commit to the process and no one is coerced, pressured or forced to do anything they don't want to do.


Q. Do I have to stay the whole time?
A. Yes. We ask participants to commit to the entire time. To leave early or come late disrupts the communal energy and flow not to mention short changes you of the full experience.

Q.  Will there be anybody there who is not a faggot identified cisgender (i.e. has a cock) man?
A.  Most of our workshops are open to faggot and bi identified men which includes trans men.  We don't ask participants about their gender identity and may only ask whether they identify as gay, bi or faggot men. 

Q.  What is Full Spectrum Workshop?
A.  A workshop specifically not limited to any gender or sexuality is planned for August of 2022.  There is a calling for this work from and for all members of our Faerie community.  This workshop is open to all Queer and/or Faerie identified people.  Read more about this in the Full Spectrum Sex Magick call page here.

Logistics Stuff    

Q. When is it?
A. The workshop often run Saturday to Saturday depending on venue availability.  The schedule for 2022 workshops is so far:

  • January 11 - 18, Vale de Sensaciones, Spain a first level (169) workshop
  • June 18 - 25 - Folleterre, France a second level (269) workshop
  • June 25 - July 2, Wolf Creek (169)
  • July 9 - 16, Pfaffenseifen - Full Spectrum Workshop
  • October 22 -29, Faerieland, NSW, Australia (169)

Q. Where is it?
A. The workshops take place in 8 countries, primarily at Faerie Sanctuaries.  Below are descriptions of the venues including ones that may not be on the schedule for this year but have been used in the past and likely in the future.

Valle de Sensaciones is situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain.  It's a dry valley with multiple earth structures, caravans and some wood cabins for sleeping.  There are gorgeous hikes in the surrounding mountains.  Winter high temps will be around 10 Celsius and 50 Fahrenheit with lows around 6 degrees Celsius and 43 degrees Fahrenheit.   

New Zealand is a awesomely beautiful place in itself and the workshop will be on a stunning piece of land owned by a Faerie.  There is a mile of shoreline, stunning views and plenty of New Zealand's famously clean air.  Temps will be in the 50s and 60s (10-20 C). Located on the North Island, more details will emerge about this location soon.voi



Our North Carolina venue is about 45 minutes outside Asheville on private land with a large main house, a separate studio and a few outbuildings.  There is room to sleep inside or tent outside.  There are 150 acres of lush forested land with plenty of room to stretch our out arms and breathe.  Our hosts, two Asheville Faeries, are accustomed to groups like ours and work hard to maintain the beauty and warmth of this gorgeous facility.

Dos Rios is private land owned by Dance Mission Theater.  This land has a rich history of Faeries living and working on it (as well as owning it).  We've had multiple workshops at Dos Rios and we are excited to be able to take advantage of the spectactular location and amenities.   A popular feature here is the Eel river, a short hike from the property where we swim and folic in the California sun.


Faerie Camp Destiny is located in Southern Vermont and has become a vibrant and successful Sanctuary on the East Coast.  There are a few indoor spaces for sleeping and most of us will camp.  Plan on tent camping and enjoying the gorgeous mountainous setting.  There is a fantastic kitchen and indoor and outdoor bathhouse for nice hot showers.    The land is fecund with the fruits of the large gardens as well as the endless supply of blackberries. 


Folleterre is now a long established Faerie Sanctuary in eastern France.  About 3 hours by train from Paris, this gorgeous sanctuary is private and surrounded by forrest.  There is a main house and barn where many people can find a place to sleep indoors.  There are plenty of places to camp.  It's definitely a place that embraces and demonstrates core Faerie values like: low impact on the land, minimal consumption of carbon based fuels, local vegetarian food, and lots of heart circles.  Run by a dedicated core group of stewards and supported by a broad community of Faeries throughout Europe.

Pfaffenseifen is a relatively new Faerie owned and operated retreat center in Germany not far from Cologne.  This is a bed and breakfast and will represent a comfortable ugprade for those who have attended workshops at some of the more rustic locations.  Indoor beds, running water, real flush toilets and the list goes on and on! We hope to return to this venue in the coming years!

Wolf Creek is a familiar destination carrying a mountain of Faerie history with it.  Harry Hay started the workshop at Wolf Creek following through on his vision to bring it here even before the Faeries became stewards of the land.  Many workshops have occured at Wolf Creek in the last 3 decades.  There are 80 gorgeous acres to tent camp in.  We will be meeting in the historic barn or outside as weather permits.  There are some indoor spaces for those people with special needs.   Recent improvements to the barn and the showers make Wolf Creek all the more welcoming and comfortable.




Faerieland in New South Wales, Australia is now a long standing (since 2002) Faerie Sanctuary and community drawing Radical Faeries from all over Australia and New Zealand for it's annual gatherings.  They have a vibrant year-round community working to keep Faerieland self-sustaining and a welcoming sanctuary for all Faeries everywhere.   There are 134 acres of land, various buildings in use and others undergoing some sort of transformation.  Gardens, hiking, a sauna, water features make this place a vritual shangri-la for Faeries.  But don't forget to offer to help out with some of the many projects.




Q. How much will it cost?
A. The cost for the seven days is $550-850 USD, $650-1,000 CAD for US workshops and includes food and tent camping.  The cost for the workshop in France and Germany is €250-800.  In Australia/NZ, the cost is AUD or NZD $800-1,000.  Indoor accommodations are available for some depending on need, and tent camping is available at all of the locations.  No matter where you are you'll be in a space full of emotionally present men. Our long standing Faerie policy: No One Will Be Turned Away for Lack of Funds (NOTAFLOF) applies to all of our workshops.


Q. What are the accommodations?
A. Wolf Creek is on 80 acres 4 hours south of Portland and 1 hour from Medford in Southern Oregon.  There are some beds available and most people will be tent camping.  There are plenty of flat places to camp, though we typically camp in Pattyville.  There are 2 flush toilets and a number of shitters around the property.  Outdoor solar heated showers have had major upgrades and provide plentiful hot water. 

Folleterre is primarily about camping during the summer, and there are about a dozen beds in the main house with extra bedding.   Some extra tents are available for those traveling from afar.  Folleterre is off the grid, with no wifi and all the heat, including for any water, is using wood.  There are beautiful forested hikes and a small lake, not part of the land, is available for taking a dip and appropriate photo shoots. 

Asheville consists of a family house with indoor sleeping spaces for up to 14.  Tent camping is avaialble and may be more comfortable than the tight accommodations inside.  Also, if you snore or need privacy, plan on tenting(!) Weather will likely be moderate and rain is very likely.  There is plenty of land to explore for walks or hikes.  It is heavily forested and moderately hilly. 

Faerieland is in New South Wales, Australia about 20 miles from Nimby.  It's 134 acres of forested land, a 2 bedroom house, barns and out buildings.  There is a full time community living there so expect to bring a tent and camp.  There may be some indoor accommodations available on an as-needed basis.  There is electricity, hot water and some heat - though the weather in the Spring should be very comfortable.

Valle de Sensaciones is situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain.  A Faerie Pop-Up location for the winter of 2021-2022 and possibly beyond.  This is a rustic retreat center with several buildings for meeting and eating and a handful of caravans (trailers) and cabins for indoor accommodation.  Plenty of spaces for tent camping.

Raglan, New Zealand, is a new location.  It's a private farm.  More information coming soon!


Q. What's the food like?
A. We generally eat what the group wants to eat. We buy good quality organic food and prepare delicious vegetarian meals. We generally have other Faeries who have done the workshop volunteering to prepare meals.  We prepare our own breakfasts and help the chefs with food prep and do all of the cleanup.  If you have special dietary needs, please include those in the comments in the registration form.  Food is always healthy and plentiful!


Q. What will the weather be like?
A. The early summer at Folleterre will likely be warm and wet.  A mix of partly sunny days and generous rainstorms will prevail  Nights will likely be fairly warm as well, so plan on bringing your comfy, frilly best.  Nights can be quite cool as we are in the mountains. 

Wolf Creek will very likely be warm with rain unlikely and  daytime temps in the 20-35/80-100 and night time temps in the 60s or about 18-22 celsius.  It's best to bring lots of light wear or nothing for the day and layers for the evening.  There is a cool creek to dip in and get refreshed. 

Faerieland in the Spring will be potentially rainy with temperatures 18-24 during the day and 10-15 at night. 

Faerie Camp Destiny in September is at the tail end of the warmer dry season and will start to have cooler nights with rain possible or even likely.  Temps will likely be in 70s during the day and 50s at night.

Valle de Sensaciones will be cool to cold.  Highs will be around 10/50 and lows around 6/43.  It's a dry area with little rain in January.  Be prepared with some warm clothes and blankets. 

New Zealand will be fall temperatures and a good chance of rain.  Still moderate and comfortable - not too cold!


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