Sex Magick 30th Anniversary
Exploring New Vistas of Consciousness

Hear the Call of the first large gathering of the Circle of Loving Companions

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Rise flaming faggots, shake off ashes of despair. The Circle calls us home. Open the gates of erotic sanctuary by remembering that the desire for connection can be greater than the pain of disconnection. As Loving Companions we choose erotic justice over the slow death of unkindness. We circle so our hearts remind us how to melt into one another’s laps. Together, let us unchain desire from those imposed fears so we may again once again reclaim our faggot birthright to co-mingle joy’s erotic tears.

We are the mystery makers of our own faggot magic. We carry the shadow of Death and the Eros of regeneration of queer generations withinin our bodies and hearts. Over these decades we have learned the gift of service in the face of sacrifice. We earned one another’s trust. As gentle men we have faced the specter of genocide as our communities continute to struggle against the relentless trials of a retrovirus, substance use, super STIs, and high rates of preventable suicide. Yes, we have lost, and by the grace of one another’s help, have we been found. As one another’s witness our precious lives are once again dignified.    

We listen in circles to the wisdom of our Story.

We circle to remember. We honour the depth of our feelings. We recall how our grief and rage took us to the street marching in heels to our own queer beat. We fought and won national debates against the backdrop of relentlessness bullying, society’s projections of their own self-hate –all about who and how we love, or whether we can marry, deciding if we had the right to join the father-shadow of their corporate spawn-Sir’d military. Shoulder to shoulder, let us again stand tall, with our wounds and our pride, side by side; let us return home to devotions of our gentler yet harder revealing: Harry and John’s rainbow hued spell of Faerie erotic healing. 

We circle to free our Tinkerbells from their cages. To simultaneously see and be seen is to become Seers of the Faggot Heart, we queens and queer Sages. As Sacred Companions, we invite you to once again do your part and come home. Come play in the ecstasy of our mutual consent, in the magic of ritual spaces where we co-created the immanence of our own intimate present.

We circle to dance, celebrate and dream, make love to new vistas of consciousness in the core of our being. From the pit of our loins to the tip or our tongues, we heal the heart’s yearning of our lost fathers, lovers, brothers and sons.

Come sweet companions reawaken Faggot Phoenix’ fire, surrender to your truth’s deepest desire. Circle round; assume the un-missionary positions, indulge these bodies in subject-Subject cognitions. Come celebrate the thirtieth year of our erotic traditions. Re-open the spiritually sublime portals of Sex Magick’s ritual space through the spell of our mutual permissions.   

Artwork by Grace O'Neill

Artwork by Grace O'Neill
Convergence of Histories 

As we return to where it all began, Wolf Creek, in southern Oregon, it is important to recognize that even while we are home on this land we call Faerie sanctuary, we are also uninvited guests on Turtle Island. In our efforts to move beyond colonization and related supremacist systems, we acknowledge the many Indigenous tribes in southwestern Oregon and northern California. These include the Coos, Hupa, Karuk, Klamath, Modoc, Takelma, Shasta, Siuslaw, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua, Yahooskin, and Yurok nations. As seasonal migratory hunter-gatherers, the people of these nations moved their village in pursuit of food sources during warmer months.  In the winter, they made their permanent winter encampments in the region within which our sanctuary sits. While it is vital to bear witness to the atrocities of the U.S. government’s genocidal policies and practices, we also recognize that many of these nations continue to live, work and love on these lands they call home.

We also acknowledge the targeted structural violence, such as repressive poll taxes, incurred on Chinese, Black, Mulattoes and Hawaiian miners and their families in this region. All oppression and privilege tangles. As we unknot and reweave our personal, cultural, and generational threads, we become increasingly available to honour, and more widely share our blessings with other groups in their vulnerability and resiliency by learning to act as more effective allies and friends.

   “We hold these spaces in a spirit of sacred service, hospitality, and radical inclusion, requesting of all who enter that they do so with respect and reciprocity. We affirm the need to set clear and compassionate boundaries as an essential aspect of holding sacred space.” —Nomenus Seeds of Unity, Wolf Creek Faeries Sanctuary

 Making History Together

As Loving Companions part of our task is to glean the wisdom of our first 30 years as we look to the future by asking ourselves:

  • As the legacy of this workshop grows how do we tell the story of Faerie Sex Magick so far?

  • What new vistas await us: where is our faggot magic needed most?

  • What makes our erotic play necessary for the wellbeing of future generations?

This gathering marks a pivotal moment in Sex Magick’s three-decade history. We invite you to come celebrate our faggot magic as we prepare for the inclusion of full spectrum Faeries, across the gender continuum into this workshops starting this summer in England.


Photo by Craig Collins

 Ritual Foreplay

Think of what you achieved with 10-15 faeries in the workshops you attended. Now exponentially dream into the possibility of 100 or more us coming together. We may leave this gathering as we’ve never dreamt of ourselves before. As workshop participants and members of the Circle of Loving Companions, we know what it means to have our heart’s touched wide open. When we give full permission to be all of who we are wondrous magic emerges out of the cauldron of our collective nature. Community making is a commitment to be present with those of us who stepped into and through crucibles of change. Now is also the time to gather our needs and measure our resources against the times we inhabit. We convene to remind ourselves that we are one another’s sweet tenders.

 10,000 Companion Lovers in Ten Years

Sex Magick is growing across the globe. In Europe the workshop fills within a week and often requires us to set up an additional workshop that season. We find interest and invitations in a growing number of countries.

What some participant-organizers are saying about their intention to attend this gathering:

  • There is a higher level of mindfulness, a sobriety here, a deeper commitment to heart circle. A different flavored pie -a place to bring all our learning of healing.

  • I’m thinking about what longing first made me choose to say yes to Sex Magick? This will be a special gift to ourselves, explore how to deepen the work.

  • When we come together as people who have done this workshop, passed through this fire together, we have the ability to feel that same power to connect with one another in ways that would never happen in a ‘conventional’ gathering.

  • This is a remarkable opportunity… Celebrating the fabulousness, the fusion of our synergistic explosion of energy. This will likely inform the next decades to come.

  • From the perspective of what Harry called New Vistas of Consciousness what else can our magic do? From dumping on despots to piss play for world peace! In this shared gathering space of subject-Subject consciousness what other possibilities may find us ready and willing to bend over and enjoy?

  • Imagine a giant daisy chain of over a hundred Loving Companions lounging around a giant globe, moans of mutual gratification heard around the Land as we conjure erotic healing for the Earth!

  • I think of it as a giant birthday party with cake and presents and consensual birthday bumps. Like a giant family holiday gathering to meet extended Fae family never met.

Faeries from all over North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have begun to register, plan circles, rituals and other orgies of delight for our time together. As well as morning heart circles each day, hostessed love lounges, themed heart circles, performance rituals and workshops are in the planning stages. Here are few in the works:

  • Sex Magick Sanctuary: 2025

  • Fuck the Patriarchy! The Healing of Fathers and Sons

  • Dr. Orgy’s Pleasure Emporium

  • Future FSM 369’s i) Satyrs and Sluts; ii) Couples and Thruples; iii) The Faggot Magick Workshop

  • Sacred Conscious Orgy: EU style   Building Wellderly Intergenerational Queer Communities

  • Culinary Delights: Kitchen tops and bottom feeders

  • Faerie Sex Magick Ancestors legacy project

  • Shower Hour Dance Parties   Early Morning Meditation Masturbation

  • Exploring WeSpace/Shared Unity Consciousness from the Inside Out


 Logistics and General Gathering Information

 Date: Our Gathering is July 4-11th, 2020

Closed container: Wolf Creek will be a closed container to accommodate faggot-only space for two full weeks including Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries (SGRF) immediately following our gathering.

Please join us and plan to stay for both gatherings, if possible. Leading up to and during the CoLC gathering only a small part of the land will be available to visitors.

We encourage Loving Companions to arrive early to help set up, and those leaving late to help clean up and prepare for SGRF.

Cost: We are weaving at least two spells with the finances of this gathering.

NOTAFLOF: No one is turned away for lack of funds

GAYABAGS: Give As You're Able But Always Give Something

 Creating this gathering costs money. We are asking that you generously donate between $550-900.  This covers our expenses and helps the sanctuary maintain facilities. This also helps us raise needed funds for a Faerie Sex Magick Ancestors legacy project at Wolf Creek. Please give more if you can; less if you can’t.   Living in balance with one another and the earth requires giving and receiving to be a circle of caring. Think about what and how you receive and what and how you give as we all do our best to move towards our giving and receiving being in loving balance. Bring this awareness to the gathering (and remember this isn’t limited to just the financial aspects of our lives).

Accessibility and Transportation

Wolf Creek Sanctuary is located at 4525 Lower Wolf Creek Rd., Wolf Creek, Oregon, about 20 miles (32 km) north of Grants Pass. It is easily accessible by car; and with prior arrangement, rides from the Grants Pass transit station will be available. We’ll have decorations at the top of the driveway so you can find us. A link to Google maps is here:  Carpooling is encouraged and a ride share list can be found at


Wolf Creek is a rustic 80-acre sanctuary in a rural area. There are pit toilets scattered around the property and outdoor solar showers. Because of water limitations, you are encouraged to shower together to keep usage to a minimum. Please enjoy swimming in the creek instead! We make our meals in a communal kitchen in the barn; with more intimate gatherings indoors in the Garden House. You are invited to tend or add to the many altars located on the land; and to help out with the garden and the greenhouse. In the summer, rattlesnakes are around – be informed and aware.  More information is available here.

Smoking is restricted to designated areas. Wolf Creek is extremely dry during summer months, and fire is a real danger: a fire came close to destroying the sanctuary shortly after the 2013 gathering. Absolutely no fire, smoking, candles, or incense on paths or at campsites. All open flames must be in the continuous presence of an aware person. 


Our kitchen queens will need help. We are each responsible for feeding one another; and cleaning up. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. If you have special dietary needs, please indicate on the registration form, and we’ll accommodate as best we can. You’re encouraged to bring food to share. Self-care is sexy, so please bring supplemental food if needed, especially if you have particular dietary needs. Because of bears and other critters, do NOT keep food in tents!

For those with extreme food sensitivities which make it impractical to share space with the communal kitchen; please be aware that the kitchen in Garden House is available to prepare whatever special meals you require.


You’re invited to turn your phone and internet OFF. Be present here, now. If needed, however, there is (often spotty) cellular service on the land, and the Garden House has internet available.

Safety/Respect/Fae Ethos

Our principles are simple: 

  • Observe safety, confidentiality, and love and respect for one another, nurtured by heart-centred, subject-to-Subject consciousness. 

  • Be responsible for our own experiences, while respecting the dignity and enjoyment of others. 

  • Ask for what you need or want. 

  • Speak your truth with compassion. 

  • Be direct, be honest. 

  • Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. 

  • Know that consent is sexy. 

  • Acknowledge that different faggots have different boundaries. 

  • Check-in and ask before proceeding

  • Nothing is sexier than “yes, please” and “no, thank you.” 

  • Be kind and patient with one another above all. 

Note: Please take or post photos and videos with permission of the subjects.


We are looking for volunteers to help assemble an on-line directory; and set up a photo booth at the gathering to take portraits.

A Note on Intoxicants

Due to the intimate nature of our time together, we are proud to be co-creating a sober gathering as we model alternative ways for other kin to be together.

In general Wolf Creek invites us to be present with clear, focused consciousness. A consistent rule at Wolf Creek is no speed, meth, heroin, or cocaine. In the interests of being fully available to each other, and supporting those in recovery, we discourage drinking; and, especially, being drunk in public.


Please NO: 

  • Speed, heroin, meth, or cocaine—not in you, not on you, not in your car. 

  • Violence or intolerance.

  • Fire, smoking, candles, or incense on paths or at campsites.

  • Pets  - For the safety and comfort of everyone at the gathering and the animals on the land, please leave your dog at home. A kennel is available in Merlin, the next town south, where you can board your furry loved one. It is called Creekside Boarding, (541) 471-7144, ask for Donna.


To register for the Sex Magick Circle of Loving Companions Gathering, fill out the form below.  If you have questions, email us at

Circle of Loving Companions Gathering
 30th Anniversary
4 - 11 July 2020
Wolf Creek Faerie Sanctuary

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