Sex Magick:
Exploring the Boundaries of Intimacy

Gender & Sexuality Inclusive Sex Magick Workshop
9 - 16 July
Near Cologne Germany

Radical Faerie Sex Magick, a workshop originating within the Faeries since 1990, has been going strong at many places around the world.  

Its aim is to explore and foster deeper emotional, physical and erotic connections between participants. Using heart circle as a foundation, participants engage in a consensual exploration of the possibilities of the growth of intimacy within the group, with the intention to propose and perform erotic rituals co-created, and consented to, by all participants.  

Until recently, the workshop has been open to all Gay/ Bi/ Trans Faggot-identified men. As most Faerie gatherings have become non-gender/ non sexuality specific (i.e. all genders and sexualities welcome), there are calls for having gender and sexuality inclusive workshops.  

The facilitators of the Faerie Sex Magick workshops have considered the wonderful benefits as well as the challenges of opening this workshop to include all genders and sexualities and have reached a consensus to proceed with full spectrum faerie, gender and sexuality inclusive, workshops in addition to the workshops specific to men.  

It is a very exciting prospect full of potential for the Radical Faeries and we’re thrilled to be offering our first “Full Spectrum” workshop in August of 2022 in the UK.  This workshop will expand the previously defined boundaries of Sex Magick to include queers of all genders and sexualities.   

This workshop will present an opportunity to cultivate connections with genders, sexualities, and bodies which may be beyond our usual erotic arousal patterns. So whether you identify as a cis man/woman, a trans man/woman, non-binary, gender-fluid, queer, agender, intersex, asexual, lesbian, gay, pansexual, straight…or somewhere in between or outside, you- and the genitals you own (or have grown)- are welcome and encouraged to consider attending.   

In this way you’d be helping our Faerie community adapt the powerfully transformative elements of this historic faerie workshop from its traditional base of “men & trans* men who-love-men” to be accessed by a fully inclusive Faerie demographic.  

The workshop is facilitated by Faerie volunteers and intended to be self-organised and led, with the facilitators participating fully in the workshop. As facilitators, our role is to hew to the processes that have enabled the many workshops over the years to do their heart centred healing work. Whilst our appearance may be that of cis men, we are, each of us, on our own journeys; discovering our individual relationships to sexuality, sex and gender.  

We are approaching the workshop with the intention to honour all of our inner truths and lived experiences, so that those truths and experiences can lie at the heart of the workshop as it unfolds. 

We’ll be conducting the workshop like all Sex Magick workshops with the same number of facilitators and same processes, including extensive Heart Circling each day. We expect new things to happen- much as it does in every workshop. We expect challenges, opportunities to learn, and to expand the awareness of us all.    

It's a unique and valuable opportunity to truly embrace “new vistas of consciousness!"  

If you are drawn to this invitation to participate and contribute to this inaugural Full-Spectrum-Faerie workshop, we would ask you to let us know by registering here.

We are committed to prioritizing diverse bodies and sexualities in this workshop.  We invite participants who are turned on by and interested in this specific container.

Once you have registered, one of the workshop facilitators will contact you to discuss your workshop intentions, any specific accessibility issues you may have, and to do everything possible to ensure this experience will be the best possible for all of us. 

And if you have more thoughts or feelings, please let us know at  


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